Cruising in Tak

Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

My very first out of town trip as a teacher here in Thailand was in 2008. I was just freshly hired by one of the university here in Phitsanulok and i said yes immediately upon getting the invitation. It was in Tak, a province bordering Myanmar in the lower northwest of Thailand.
A retirement trip as i recall it and a tribute as well for our former teachers who decided to say quits :) in their long years of service. Seriously, they became my friends when they were still working. We stayed in a mountain resort somewhere near the Bhumibol Dam, Thailand's largest dam built in the 50's.
We cruised the Ping River aboard the province's local ferry and stopped in the few islets to take photos. According to some, those islets were man made. I doubt though because others who were listening kept on smiling. I was probably their center of jokes because i was a newbie. The second photo was in an islet. The hill was bare but the entire place was stunning. Hmm, fun moments.
PS: Photos were taken using my friend's old digi cam. Please bear with the quality.

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