Once in Lampang

Friday, December 16, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

How nice it is to stay in a hotel and experience luxury travel sometimes. However, if you travelling on a very tight budget - that is for sure next to impossible. That's why it's nicer to have friends somewhere which gives you an advantage to stay in their places rather than in hotels. 

Our Lampang trip in 2008 would not be made possible without a close friend's generosity in letting us sleep over at her apartment and let us ate the food she stocked for herself. There she introduced us to her Thai friend who took us to Chae Son National Park. (Thanks Chai)
Chae Son National Park became the 58th national park of Thailand on July 28, 1988. It covers an area of about 592 square km. including the very nice waterfall behind me on the first photo. The water was so cool and families were enjoying themselves in its coolness while picnicking. I'm sure you guys are gonna love it. 

There was also a mini hot spring where people boiled eggs. I was amazed how they thought of it. Anyways, the park is a tourism generating spot of the province of Lampang. A must see if you happen to be there.

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