Instant Kaeng Song Waterfall Trip

Tuesday, December 06, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

The King of Thailand celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday December 5, 2011. Since Thai people revered their King with utmost respect as the father of their nation, yesterday was Thailand's Father's Day as well. With that, the locals and foreigners alike enjoyed the long weekend that started on Friday up until Monday. 
We didn't do anything on the weekend other than some extra tutorials. We ended up thinking of going somewhere near then just to feel that there was a long weekend and to enjoy the nature as well. We thought of Kaeng Song Waterfall in Wangthong District located along Highway 12 at Kilometer 45. It was the same falls we went to last year with my co -teachers during our seminar in one of the resorts in the district.
There were so many people picnicking, eating, and drinking when we arrived. Kids were enjoying the strong current of the river while holding their precious tire tubes. Lovers on the other hand made their time by riding on the duck paddle boats available for a very minimal fee. 
After checking the area, we proceeded near the falls and took some pictures. The water was cascading in 4 or 5 layers i think (can be less or more than that) with a very strong current. The water may not be clear compared to other rivers we've been to but it looked good on pictures and we're happy we paid it a visit.

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