Eikona Camp - Wangtong District

Thursday, September 06, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

My wife and I were contemplating whether to go and join the fun with other P'lok Pinoyz in Wangthong District just like last year at Phun Hin Rong Khla, or just stay at home and be with our little one for the weekend. As new parents, leaving our first baby behind even under the care of her grandmothers is really difficult to bear. We always want to be with her at all times, I mean literally "all the time."

Although joining the events of the organization is not compulsory, we always feel that our presence is imperative because we are both officers. So we decided that at least one of us should go (I guess being officers of the organization has a drawback. LoL 

So here I was at Phitsanulok Wildlife Conservation Promotion and Extension Station with other P'lok Pinoyz members having the spiritual retreat which we named 'Eikona." After getting acquainted with the new members, playing games and praying, we trekked the not so steep yet still difficult terrain of the mountain. I thought I was going to pass out. I was too exhausted even to raise my hand to drink. 
It was a tedious journey but definitely worth doing again. The station was blessed with different kinds of plants one would thought nonexistent. They can be seen along the way as you get to the summit. You know what? Everything speaks of adventure as you go along. I enjoyed it. T'was a great experience indeed.

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