The King and I at Klai Klangwon Palace

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A side trip to Klai Klangwon Palace from Ao Manao made the English camp almost reached perfection. Who would not enjoy sitting comfortably in a bus eating popcorn while listening to your favorite music, anyway? The bus was filled seconds after the trip was announced. It clearly showed how students were fond of traveling and learning new things about their country's past. Teachers didn't have a hard time persuading them to join. A piece of cake as other people termed it.
And because of the side trip we learned that the palace was built in 1926 as a summer residence of King Rama VII. There we saw several artifacts and memorabilia of the former King and his family. See how traveling can improve your knowledge? WINK
I liked the color combinations of the palace. Red for the roof, light blue for the walls, and white for pillars and fences. They were just pleasing to the eyes. The landscaping was also nice topped with numerous and friendly caretakers. You guys rock! And the beach in front? PERFECT! Having a cool breeze under the scorching heat of the sun was just awesome. No photos near the beach, though.

PS: The first photo was first used in My Shutter and Me blog.

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Very nice Palace, and yes the color combination is pleasing to the eyes...
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