Dos Palmas Day Tour

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Summer is probably the best season where the island of Palawan receives the most number of tourists. Because of its unspoiled white sandy beaches, it is by far one of the favoured summer destinations of the Filipinos and other nationalities who visit the country.
The city of Puerto Princesa, a Hall of Famer in the Philippines Cleanest and Greenest City and is also dubbed as the city in the forest, has a lot of things in store to all wanderers, travelers, backpackers, you name it. 
Apart from the famous Puerto Princesa Underground River, the city also boast the relaxing resort of Dos Palmas which according to them, their food is their strongest point. 
April 2011 marked the day when we decided to pay it a visit and went on a day tour. Ken, one of their abled representatives who later became a friend, was the one who said about the food. It was true. Other than being in an island where the sand is white and the snorkling area is good, their food can make your holiday close to being perfect, if not perfect at all. Your whole being will push you to go and get more. I can vouch for that!

John Benliro hails from Palawan, Philippines. He's a travel enthusiast who loves to read geography books as well as those authored by Sheldon and Grisham. He's a full time lecturer at a university in Thailand and has been blogging since 2009. Come and join him in exploring the vastness of our imagination, drifting from land to land one step at a time.


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I thought the place looks familiar. We've been there 11 years ago during our honeymoon. Really like the place.

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Wow! That was a loong time ago hehe. Anyways, the place was indeed nice.