Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya

Thursday, November 01, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

If you're tired of searching for a place with great landscape, aviary, small zoo, orchid house, and cultural show rolled into one, then I guess you're about to take the rest you've been dying to have. Where exactly? I'm sure sure you've heard the city of Pattaya, but let me just clarify that we're not talking of night life and the happenings from dusk till dawn, alright? This blog is wholesome :)

Just to clear your mind from the dark side that is starting to eat your thoughts, I'm actually talking of a garden. Is something ringing a bell now? I hope so. If not, let me introduce to you this well-managed tropical garden in Pattaya, Thailand known as Noong Nuch. Aside from it holding the crown of the largest variety of orchids and other flora and fauna in the country, Noong Nuch is also one of Asia's largest and most beautiful gardens with 2.0 km2 land area.

So before my mom and my mother-in-law travelled back to the Philippines, we stopped for a few hours to have a taste of it. You know what? We liked it very much especially the elephant show where the giants happily played football, basketball, painting, and the like. It was fun watching them and let me wondered as to how they were trained. If you see that kind of show, would you leave the place without a smile on your face? If you say yes then I dare you to try it yourself. 

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