Grand Tour at the Grand Palace

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

A day before the calendar welcomed 2011 we checked out one of Bangkok's tourist destinations and the official residence of the Kings of Thailand. From our hotel room somewhere in Pratunam we rode a tuk-tuk for 20 baht per pax and enjoyed a quick tour of the city.
We thought of the Grand Palace as a perfect sightseeing experience because it showcased glittering temples, rich history of the country, and the fact that it was good in photos because it perfectly depicts southeast Asian temples. 
There were soooo many people outside the walls waiting to get in. And because we were in shorts while females were in skirts the security literally blocked our entrance. We were then told to change our outfits because GP was a scared place. 
Just outside the walls anyone can rent sarongs or sort of like fisherman's pants to be allowed inside. Lots of people are doing business such as this by letting people rent their thingies. And that was exactly what we did but i can't remember how much was the rent though. At least prepare a 100 baht. Once inside, i'm sure you will enjoy taking photos of the beautiful temples built in their finest.

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