Cebu's Lechon is everywhere

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 0 Comments A+ a-

Here's the "lechon" we did on New Year taken from my Instagram account

Everything was properly planned with all trips supposed to be posted as soon as possible. Sadly, because of the not so good happenings, I decided to drop the idea of making a post. Worst yet, leave this blog to rot in oblivion. It was an option at the time to help me in moving on and to shut down from my system those things I don't wanna recall. However, there were some good things worth sharing as well ergo, including them to those that should be rotten is I think not a good move.

I won't drag you in the realm of chaos I experienced, nor divulge information not remembering from a certain individual who I will hide under the guise of Letty. I thought the bridge was totally burned down. Lol. Seriously, we're so back as friends and I'm just trying to annoy her. But if you happen to see this post Let, tell me if it annoyed you even for a bit. That will make me happy haha.

Anyhow while in Cebu to attend our friends' wedding, the very first thing I noticed upon arrival were the "lechon" vendors. Them being everywhere made me wonder whether they constitute a big portion of the Cebu populace. Wherever you go you'll see them. I even saw one inside the airport! 

Talking about suckling pig (its English translation), my friends told me that Cebu's taste is one of the best in the country. And to try whether it was true or simply a legend, we stopped somewhere to have it served to us. Since my blood pressure is high which normally limits me to only have a slice or two, I wasn't able to enjoy much of what was left of it. The taste was good and all that but come on, how will I enjoy, right?

Comparing the taste of what I normally eat in Palawan anyway and to that of Cebu, I think my friends were right - Cebu's lechon was tasty and way cheaper too. And as I mentioned earlier about them being everywhere, don't be surprised because you'll see a peddler or two shouting "lechon, lechon" aboard a pedicab.

Now, take that!

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