The long road to Phuket

Monday, May 21, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Phuket is Thailand's largest island, about the size of Singapore. It is an international resort that houses the world's environment-friendly water sports and considered as one of the top producers of tourist dollar in the country. For many Thais, Phuket is Thailand's number one tourist destination.
Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan (Suphan Buri)

I was invited to play at the Rajabhat University National Game (which kicked off on Wednesday 16th of May) and upon hearing where the venue was there were no second thoughts. We left Phitsanulok at 6 am on Monday and arrived at Phuket Merlin Hotel the next morning. It looked like a 24 hour travel but technically, it wasn't. But because we stopped for meals and the occasional visits to toilets every two hours, the trip took longer.

Cha-am Beach Skyline
I only took a few shots because I was sleeping mostly. But for the most part that I was awake, I took the liberty of capturing the moments in Suphan Buri and Cha-am (first two photos). And oh, one of Phuket's beaches though not so famous compared to others is the one below called Nai Yang beach - the first beach we visited right after we arrived at the hotel. It's in the north close to the airport and will be featured soon. Have a great Monday everyone!

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