A Glimpse of the Past - Kanchanaburi

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I don't have the vivid recollection of the exact date or even just the month when we went to Kanchanaburi to visit our friend, Tong. All i can remember was when another friend, Zack, asked as if we would like to go there. We were new in Thailand at the time (2008) so we grabbed the chance without asking further questions. 

At the War Cemetery
We were greeted by Tong at the province's bus station and directly went home to leave our things so we can explore more. We rented a motor bike and off we went to famous attractions of the place. 

Behind is the Bridge on the River Kwai
We first went to the Burma Railway or much populary known as the Bridge on the River Kwai as it was immortalized later in a film. History has it that in 1942, Kanchanaburi was under Japanese control. That was the exact place where Allied Prisoners Of War (POW) and other Asian laborers were forced to build the bridge - that almost half of the people working on the project died of maltreatment, diseases, and accidents.

In one of the museums
We also went to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery and saw several tombs of the casualties from different countries who fought for freedom during the second world war. The two museums dedicated to those who died were also packed with tourists wanting to go back in time and see a glimpse of the past that was totally a sad phase in history yet symbolizes courage and love for country.

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