Loboc River Cruise

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Booking your reservation prior to your date of departure will save you a lot of trouble in finding cheap yet good accommodation. It can be arranged online or through a telephone call at the comfort of your home.

But then again visiting a place with no reservation or whatnot, sort of like a "walk-in" traveler (if there's such a word), is just as exciting. Imagine the soon-to-be experiences that you never thought possible happening right before eyes. Interesting, right? Especially if they are the things you wished to happen in the first place. That's the beauty of not knowing where to go and what to visit. I'm sure it may not appeal to some. But others out there had tried it, and probably plan to do it again.

Our trip to Bohol last summer was already booked prior to our arrival, but not the river cruise. So, after the tedious climb of the observation deck and triumphing its 214 steps just to see the grandiose beauty of the Chocolate Hills, it was time to relax aboard a floating restaurants.

I just learned that cruising Loboc River started in the 1980s. But hundreds of years prior to that, it was a source of life for its earlier inhabitants living along the banks.

Moving forward I can't exactly recall how long the cruise was but if my memory serves me well, it took about 20 minutes or so. There was a band serenading the tourists onboard sometimes singing their original compositions, and also covering songs that famous figures in the international and local scenes popularized. It was a feeling of euphoria and tranquility rolled into one listening to them - topped with the beauty of the banks covered with lush vegetation and coconut trees. T'was so relaxing.

Now who would forget the sumptuous Filipino delicacies, one of the reasons we decided to cruise the river in the first place? For four hundred pesos per head (300 for the food and 100 for the tourism fee) one will leave the place with a wide smile on his face. Promise!

Check the video below. 

John Benliro hails from Palawan, Philippines. He's a travel enthusiast who loves to read geography books as well as those authored by Sheldon and Grisham. He's a full time lecturer at a university in Thailand and has been blogging since 2009. Come and join him in exploring the vastness of our imagination, drifting from land to land one step at a time.