Estrella Falls: Narra, Palawan's Most Iconic Attraction

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

Estrella Falls is a 20-foot-high falls considered one of the cleanest bodies of water in the Philippines. Its cool and refreshing water originates from Victoria Peak, which then cascades to three natural basins of varying depths.

A last minute decision paved way for us to visit Estrella River Falls in Narra, Palawan. It was never planned nor even got to our thinking. It was a sudden outburst that requires a great deal of faith that everything good will transpire upon arriving. 

We didn't waste every single moment when we arrived. We immediately went down to touch the water. It was so cold we thought swimming was impossible. It was like you're holding an ice for a few seconds. 

You might also see a troop of monkeys dangling from the trees above. They're harmless if you ignore them. Don't feed or throw anything at them as well. They may act aggressively. 

By the way, the waterfall closes at five in the afternoon so night time party-goers are technically busted, but we managed to get in because there was no security at the time. 

Getting there

From Manila to Puerto Princesa you can fly with the airline of your choice. All airlines arrive and depart in Puerto Princesa everyday. I recommend to hire a van if you're going to do a day trip which will cost you 3,500 pesos. It will be another 95 kilometers or approximately 2 hours or more ride going to Narra, Palawan; and another 8 kilometers from the main road in order to reach the falls. 

It is also recommended to bring your own food as well as anything you can grill such as fish, chicken or pork. Don't forget to bring your own charcoal as well. Just so you know, there aren't stores nearby.

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